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28, सिंह, Россия
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(150 Тк) Красивая нагота
(200 Тк) Мокрые Шедевры в душе. / Wet...
(80 Тк) Аленький цветочек / The Scarlet Flower
(70 Тк)...только в красном шарфе))
(60 Тк) В кожанке с подтяжками
(500 Тк) Пошлая сучка / Naughty bitch
(З00 Тк)  Развратное самолюбование
(40 Тк) Леди в ЧЁрном - 2 / Lady in Black -2
(50 Тк) Леди в черном / Lady in Black
(30 Тк) Леди в белом / Lady in White
Сосок на старом фото.. / Nipple in an old photo..
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उम्र 28
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वजन 100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 किग्रा]
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Hello everybody! I am very pleased that you came here to read about me). Well, I have something to tell you, so if you are really interested, get ready for a long text.
Unusual, interesting, unique, cheerful, lively - those who found me HERE before usually caressed my pride with these words.

And I agree with them.
ALIVE, Unusual or even unique here, as well as everywhere else where I appear, was made by my frankness, sincerity, my spontaneity, which is often also called “childish”. Sometimes this trait even becomes a disadvantage. Sometimes you need to lie, embellish, understate, don’t you?)... And sometimes I lose touch with the “adult” reality, and start to be too “ME”, going into simplicity, a little “street” of statements.

Recently I came across an interesting philosopher who showed me a new vision of the concepts of “SINCERITY”, “honesty” and “FRANCISITY”. He revealed to me that sincerity is the BARE ESSENCE, while frankness is AESTHETICALLY DESIGNED. Form shaped from the word. It is precisely giving a beautiful form to our thoughts (and not only..) that makes us more pleasant, polite and intelligent.. Now I strive for this. I try to clean up bad language from my vocabulary. At home, in everyday life, this doesn’t work out very well, but here, I think, everything will be different, because other, new people hear me, and, of course, it will be more pleasant for them to hear gentle, feminine, elegant s***ch, and not “some girl with running into the streets.")

Let's talk a little more about frankness in another aspect. I think everyone knows about the fact that what makes a girl, just like a man, sexy is not nudity, but intrigue, mystery, mystery. A certain hint of a beautiful body, hidden under a beautiful fabric, which only allows you to “taste” certain moments that undoubtedly attract him, but to taste it fully... - isn’t this akin to a sickly sweet dessert... in our context - vulgarity? In my opinion, excessive nudity vulgarizes any beautiful body. Especially if visibility also includes the most secret, intimate areas.

Some may ask me: “What did you forget here then, sophisticated one?” - and indeed, when we open the site, we mainly see a bunch of open places. And I don’t plan to demonstrate even approximately this. Is this not the place for me with my tastes? - Not at all. It’s just that if you are looking for a body “in all its glory”, then you were in vain reading all this long text)) Forgive me.)

But I know that in addition to the burning genitals of the opposite sex, who need specific areas and actions with them, on this site there are also men (and women, perhaps)) who are interested in more than rolling their eyes and moaning, of course, from incredible fun, girls. They are interested in personalities above all. They need a soul. The soul of a girl, capable of understanding him, making friends with him, hearing him, accepting him with all those zest (and dried apricots)) that may not have found a connoisseur in real life.

That's what I'm here for. I like to understand. I love and I CAN. Understand and accept a person without judging him in anything. I like to penetrate deep into the heart, into the very essence, the root cause of all “shifts” at the mental level, being, without exaggeration, not a bad psychologist who knows how to ask questions.

With all this... Why not be beautiful, sexy, alluring?... I also lack something in real life. I love, I adore the attention of men. Compliments and glances enveloping me from head to toe... appraising... and when my lips drop a cigarette in delight at my stunningness. You will never forget such a living compliment). Well, here - the equivalent of a falling cigarette - you and I know how to give me an echo of the same sweet feeling of my own pussyness))

About once a month (in the middle) my sexual mood worsens. On days like these, I really want to show off, seduce and attract. But on other days, sex is almost not interesting to me and I am more inclined to ordinary human communication on various (non-sexual) topics. On such days, vulgar fantasies and questions on intimate topics repulse me. But of course I won’t push people away if I’m in a non-sexual mood)) I just decided to let you know for those who want to know more.

Most of all I love philosophy. But not someone else’s, but your own, and the very process of searching for “truth”. I am also interested in philology (I like to clarify the shades of similar words). Physics drives me crazy. Together with mathematics, it forms the foundation of existence... No, I’m not a materialist (anymore). I used to be, but recently I began to seriously doubt that the world is purely material... especially considering that no one knows what it is - matter/energy.

In general, I'm interested in everything. The whole world, and I would really not like to dwell on anything specific. That’s why they say about me “undecided,” although I don’t strive for this. I want to embrace the whole world, but this is hardly possible in principle...

I have different moods. Actually, my psychiatrist diagnosed me with BIPOLAR personality disorder. Bipolar) or just BI)) - and everyone thinks about their own). But since I’m undergoing treatment, I’m staying afloat + - stability for now.
मैं वेबकैम पर क्या करूं:
सेक्स प्रश्नावली

Ledy-Dina के बारे में और अधिक जानने के लिए, आप भुगतान करने के बाद अपनी दिलचस्पी के मुताबिक किसी भी विषय पर सवाल कर सकते हैं!

  1. 1. What’s your favorite sex position?

    There isn't one. Always different. Depends on your mood and condition. But there is one in which I feel very special, chic... - this is when I sit on a man and he sits on a chair.

  2. 2. Why morning sex is the best?

    I have no idea)) Perhaps because it sets a cool mood for the whole day.)

  3. 3. Domination or obedience?

    Submission!. I love it when people dominate me. By the way, this is not just about the bed.
    You can dominate in different ways... you can use force, a menacing tone... but the highest level is when you calmly, confidently... with your character you bring someone to their knees.

  4. 4. What was your best orgasm?

    There were many of them. And everyone was amazing. The main criterion for my best orgasm is tears. When everything is too bad, I cry after sex. I'm crying with happiness. ..

  5. 5. Where would you like to have sex?

    In a study/office, in a church, ... in any place where it would be most unacceptable.

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Привет, ты очень клевая и невероятно сексуальная девочка😘😘😘😘
Нежна, скромная и настолько притягивающая взгляд. Ты запомнилась, дуже гарна дівчина)))
Ты - красивая, удивительная, обаятельная, обворожительная, неповторимая и замечательная 💋 💋 💋
Очень Милая девушка 🥰
Сама заводная и умеешь заводит :love ь
Эротична и сексуальна даже не обнажаясь. "Эстетично оформленная"!
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